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In 1982 founded by our Chairman, Mr. Futami Funayama, forged an exclusive partnership with Sunstar of Japan and started supplying windshield sealers to a local automotive OEM. Then from 1983 onwards, it started a supply partnership with NISSAN, windshield sealers, and undercoats to TOYOTA MOTORS PHILIPPINES.

SD Trading was established and other products were introduced, such as Body Sealers, D/G, Primers, and Adhesives. In 1995, a partnership with OROTEX paved the way to start a business relationship with HONDA CARS PHILS., CORP. and ISUZU PHILS



SUNDIA Group commits to providing solutions to every client’s need through continual improvement in every aspect of its business.


SUNDIA Group commits to providing solutions to every client’s need through an efficient approach to research and development and maximizing the use of its network.


SUNDIA Group will continuously expand and build bridges among a the industries it cater.


To be chosen as one of the premiere partners by our clients in each of the

subsidiaries’ products and services, for every industry being served.

Key Factors


With a dedicated research and development team at the helm, they continually push the boundaries of technology and design to create cutting-edge products that set industry standards.


With an extensive network of production facilities, warehousing capabilities, and distribution centers, ensuring efficient and timely delivery to customers. This comprehensive infrastructure not only enhances their capacity to meet growing demands but also underscores their commitment to operational excellence.


We foster a culture of innovation and encourage employees to think outside the box, resulting in a steady stream of inventive products and solutions.

SUNDIA Group commits to provide solutions to every clients’ need through continual improvement.


A consortium of companies collectively addresses industry needs by leveraging their complementary expertise and resources. Through strategic collaboration, these companies pool their knowledge, technologies, and capabilities to develop comprehensive solutions that cater to the specific challenges and demands of their industry.


Founded in 1982 and forged an exclusive partnership with Sunstar of Japan, started supplying windshield sealers to local automotive OEMs. Other products introduced include body sealers, D/G, primers, and adhesives


Established in 2010 to handle distribution of manufacturing consumables. We also stand as the sales and marketing arm of the whole Sundia group.


Offer a broad range of packaging solutions to meet our customer needs and continuously improve our operations to better respond to those needs.


A primary painting contractor of automotive, motorcycle, and electronic components that includes ED painting, powder coating, and automotive plastic painting.

Top OffRoad Philippines

TOP Offroad Philippines have become a major player in the distribution and installation of outdoor and off-road vehicle accessories. We continuously expand our product line to help our customers enjoy the outdoor experience.

Competitive Advantage

Streamlined Coordination

Engaging a single group of companies for various services or solutions ensures seamless coordination and communication. With all components of a project or task under one roof, there’s greater efficiency in managing timelines, resources, and objectives, reducing the risk of miscommunication and delays.

Consistent quality

Companies within the same group often share common standards, practices, and quality control measures. This results in a higher likelihood of maintaining consistent quality across all aspects of the project, from design and development to implementation and support, ensuring a cohesive and reliable outcome.

Cost efficiency

Bundling services from a single group of companies can often lead to cost savings. There may be economies of scale in play, reducing overall project expenses.

Our Clients Include


Customers service should not be a department. It should be the entire company.

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